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***Now celebrating our 17th Season!!!***

Since 2005 the Police Athletic League has offered players with special needs the opportunity to belong to a team and play baseball. 

PAL’s Adaptive Baseball League gives everyone a chance to play baseball regardless of their ability or disability. The league is non-competitive and involves a limited time commitment.

We offer an opportunity for children and adults with disabilities to participate fully in sports. For safety reasons, players are accompanied by a “buddy” if needed, who will help the player hit, field, and run/walk/wheel the bases.

A special group of children and adults along with their families and our volunteers benefit from this program. More than baseball is learned through the experience….There is a value in the therapeutic and socialization benefits of participating in sports. This involves the strengthening of the participant’s self-esteem, the opportunities to mainstream into other divisions of play in the future and disciplines of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play.

The greatest need of these special kids, like all kids is to belong to a team and HAVE FUN! This is where you come in . . . . Sign-up to be a part of our special league.

We are always looking for coaches, team buddy coordinators, team helpers, guest pitchers and fans! All of our games are played on Sundays at 5:00 at the PAL Complex in Shafton. We hope that you will join us!!!

New sponsors for our adaptive league are always welcomed and appreciated…. All sponsorship money for this program will be used solely within our adaptive program to purchase the player’s shirts, hats, and help to pay for our end of season picnic and awards celebration where each player receives certificates, trophies and generous gifts. If received before March 1st, all sponsors names will be listed on the back of our player’s shirts.


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● April 24th(Rain or Shine) Uniform Handout & Player Photo Day 

3:00 – 5:00 at the PAL Complex ~ either outside or above the concession stand in the boardroom 

● Each player will receive a SHIRT & HAT! 

* Please wear the pants, socks and shoes that you would like the photo taken in. 

* At the bottom of this letter is the player’s team color if you wanted to match socks etc. * Also bring any props (bat, glove, etc.) that you would like in the photo. 

* Please remember to bring the enclosed picture envelope along with your payment. 

● If you chose not to purchase a photo package from the photographer, please have the player’s photo taken anyway. I make a photo collage to give to our sponsors, players and volunteers at the end of the season, this saves tracking down players throughout the season. Thank you! 

● We will have raffle tickets available on April 24th to help support our league. All proceeds directly benefit our adaptive league! Thank you in advance! 

● May 1st is our 1st Game @ 5:00 

Please report to your assigned field by 4:45 and stay with your child’s team so that they will be ready for the games to begin. 

● All of our games will be played at 5:00 on the RED, TAN, & PURPLE fields (these are the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th fields in the main parking lot). Everyone will play different teams each week. Please try to arrive weekly by 4:45 so that our games can begin at 5:00. 

* If our game has to be canceled due to the weather we will contact you by text alert or email, if you do not have either please let your team’s coach know so that they know to call you. We will be using a text alert system for reminders or in the event of cancelations. To sign up for text alerts you must visit the PAL website at once on the site click “PAL Alerts” under links. You can also sign up from your phone by texting “PALADAPTIVE” to 84483. If you received alerts last year, there is no need to re-sign up. 

* If you know in advance that your child/player is unable to attend a game, please let me or your coach know so that a buddy will not be scheduled for him or her for that game. 


May 1st , May 8th, May 15th, May 22nd, June 5th, June 12th, and June 19th 

GUEST PITCHERS: If you know of someone who may like to pitch at a game please let me know ASAP. June 26th - Picnic & Awards Celebration ~ AT PAL 3:00! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, text or email me 

MaryAnn Gerken (C) 724-757-2979, or email: [email protected]

__________________Will be on the Royal Blue Team and play on the RED, TAN or PURPLE Fields
__________________Will be on the Jade Green Team and play on the RED, TAN or PURPLE Fields
__________________Will be on the Grey Team and play on the RED, TAN or PURPLE Fields
__________________Will be on the Purple Team and play on the RED, TAN or PURPLE Fields
__________________Will be on the Kiwi Green Team and play on the RED, TAN or PURPLE Fields
__________________Will be on the Gold Team and play on the RED, TAN or PURPLE Fields 

2022 PAL's Adaptive Baseball Schedule 


1 5/1/2022 Grey vs Purple Blue vs Jade 

2 5/8/2022 Grey vs Purple Gold vs Blue 

3 5/15/2022 Grey vs Purple Gold vs Kiwi 

4 5/22/2022 Grey vs Purple Gold vs Jade 

5 6/5/2022 Grey vs Purple Jade vs Kiwi 

6 6/12/2022 Grey vs Purple Blue vs Jade 

7 6/19/2022 Grey vs Purple Jade vs Gold

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